About us

Algos is an independent research chemicals manufacturer (peptides, growth hormone injections, SARMS), and a contract research organization specializing in preclinical in vivo pain research and program consulting.

Expertise For The Results You Require

Algos provides a wide range of services for companies seeking to contract preclinical pharmacology and physiology testing. Whether you are associated with a large pharmaceutical company in need of a trustworthy preclinical pain CRO, a smaller company or bio-tech requiring program guidance and management, or a device company searching for surgical, behavioral and model development expertise, Algos has the people and systems that will ensure preclinical program success.

From experimental design and execution to data analysis, and from individual projects and consulting to program management, our rigorous processes and dedicated team deliver rapid and reliable results critical to drug discovery and product development. Through our commitment to customer service, we offer a flexible approach to both customized and standardized preclinical in vivo pain research that ensures our customers get the accuracy, speed, and reliability they need. Our experienced, customer-focused team of experts delivers exceptional value more cost-effectively than multi-sector preclinical CROs.

Your Lab Down the Hall

Our customers benefit from our commitment to fast, accurate and reliable results. Our people are dedicated to the scientific method and unparalleled customer service. When you contract with Algos, you will communicate directly with our scientific team, as if they were just a few steps away. With the shift to outsourcing research, you need to trust your service provider now more than ever before. The openness with which we assist customers in formulating studies, adhering to the highest scientific standards and providing thoughtful insight on outcomes, fosters the trust and feeling that we are right by your side.

Algos Sets the Standard for Preclinical Program Success

When drug developers and medical device manufacturers require rapid, reliable in vivo research, Algos sets the gold standard among CROs. We believe in the importance of strong customer relationships, and guarantee our clients the data and recommendations they need when they need them to ensure preclinical program success. Whatever our customers’ research needs demand, our process delivers the accuracy, speed, and reliability they count on.

Our Mission – Focusing on In Vivo Pharmacology Research to Alleviate Human Pain

At Algos, we are committed to enhancing and supporting our customers’ R&D efforts to alleviate human pain through novel therapies. We deliver on this promise by setting the industry standard in planning, executing, and managing in vivo pharmacology research. Reflective of this, our name is derived from the Greek mythological spirit Algos, upon whom the ancients relied for relief from pain and suffering. Our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry allows us to empower our clients with the information they need for critical decision making.

Big Pharma

As it makes its transition from FIPCo to FIPNet, Big Pharma seeks to populate its vendor network with trustworthy suppliers and partners to reduce costs while feeding its discovery pipeline. Your Combi-Chem efforts are producing a lot of viable compounds but how are you going to meaningfully and cost-effectively test them to find the right drug candidates? The Algos team has played keys roles in successful pharmaceutical pain discovery programs and understands the challenges you and your company are facing. We know the preclinical landscape and can help you cost effectively navigate it. Most importantly, we have the expertise to measure your candidates against the right tests to de-risk your decision making as much as possible.

Biotechs and Start Ups

As the Lead Discovery Scientist for your biotech’s pain program, you have limited resources with which to fully characterize your IP and make it attractive to potential investors. If pain is one of your targets then we can help. Algos has taken multiple products through the pre-clinical stage to clinical development and can help you prepare the pharmacological profile investors are looking for.

Medical Device Companies

You have a delivery system and a drug, and need to understand how well they work together in a variety of pain paradigms. Do you trust the project and the product’s potential revenue to an academic lab? Or do you choose a partner who has the expertise and wherewithal to expedite the required research? At Algos, we have investigated hundreds of combinations of drugs and delivery systems, and can provide the hands on expertise and guidance that will help you reach your goals. Contact us today.

Scientific Standards

Algos Preclinical Services is dedicated to assisting the pharmaceutical, medical device, peptides and biotech industries in the pursuit of their drug discovery programs and product development requirements. While the specific needs vary across industries, all share a common requirement: To make accurate decisions and draw the right conclusions based on the best available, most reliable data possible. Algos recognizes that the single most important element of data collection and analysis is accuracy. To this end, executing studies in a prescribed and thorough manner, and interpreting the data using the most appropriate methodologies obtainable are standard operating procedure.

Focused on Results

At Algos, we work closely with our partners to design experiments on research chemicals that will yield useful information in a cost-effective and timely manner. For each experimental protocol, inclusion criteria are clearly established. Each study proposal contains a full statistical plan to ensure that the appropriate analyses are conducted, and all study reports include raw data and complete statistical tables. A positive control group is included in each experiment to demonstrate the validity of each study conducted.

Grounded in Science

At Algos, our top priority for every experiment we conduct is scientific integrity. To achieve this goal, we are committed to making experimental design and analysis recommendations based strictly on a scientific rationale and usage of computational power in manufacturing research chemicals and drug discovery.

The Algos Algorithm

The Algos Algorithm reflects the guiding principles that help us deliver on our commitment to outstanding customer service. Through a flexible approach to both customized and standardized preclinical research, we offer our customers the accuracy, speed and reliability they depend on.
Our pedigree in pain research, customer-centric team, and rapid, reliable results enable us to offer customers exceptional value while remaining an invaluable, cost effective extension of their in-house research departments. At Algos, our team of distinguished, experienced and motivated preclinical pain researchers are grounded in science and dedicated to the spirit of service. We deliver flexible, preclinical pain research and manage discovery programs that help our customers improve quality of life.